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We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality services including product selection, design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. Our products are trustworthy and reliable.


Our company designs and manufactures gas pressure regulation equipment and also imports gas regulators and components from world-renowned companies.

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Our gas pressure regulation equipment has been widely used by many customers, especially major customers in Beijing, Shanghai, and other places.

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About us

  Jiangsu Dachang Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is located by the scenic and economically developed coast of the Yellow Sea, with convenient transportation. Since its inception, the company has continuously absorbed and digested advanced domestic and international technologies. Over the years, JS has developed a strong team of technicians and production staff, dedicated to the meticulous research and development, manufacturing, production, sales, and service of industrial gas equipment and gas appliances.

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Gas Pressure Regulator
Gas Pressure Regulating Box
Gas Pressure Regulating Station (Skid)
CNG Pressure Reduction Skid
LNG Vaporization Station (Skid)
LNG Refueling Station
CNG Filling Station
PLC Control System
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